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GCI Castings Inc.,

The Company was incorporated in 1987 in the State of Kansas, USA. The primary objective of the Company was to establish a business having a broad customer base, a good product mix and defined markets. The Company began marketing construction castings to Cities and Municipalities. Engineering drawings were first produced to specific designs for each governmental agency and approvals obtained. The drawings were sent to foundries in India, with whom prior business 

GCI Exports Pvt. Ltd.,

On 29th January, GCI EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED was registered in State of Karnataka, India. A 300 square feet office was rented and GCI (INDIA) added its first employee. Orders were flowing in and all jobs were outsourced including packing and shipping. The Hawkeye Group still remained the single largest customer for GCI. The Cretex Companies, one of the largest producers of concrete pipes in the Midwest, placed their first order with GCI.

GCI Pipe Products Inc.,

In 1993, a customer of GCI Castings wanted some products developed for their concrete pipe plant. These products were used to form the two ends of the concrete pipes and called "Pallets" and "headers". Pallets are generally used to form the bell end or female end of the pipe, whereas the Header is used to form the spigot or male end of the pipe. The products were made and successfully used by the customer.

GCI Castings (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

In the last phase of the backward integration, GCI Group of Companies made the decision to start its own captive foundry. It had already bought over 4-1/2 acres of property about a block behind GCI Exports. This decision gave birth to GCI CASTINGS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED. The initial setup for the foundry included a batch mixer, induction melting furnace. It employed the 3 part no bake system. The first trial production was made on 09/09/04.
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