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The quality of a concrete product is dependent on the quality of your mold. GCI has the manufacturing ability to produce high quality molds of different shapes and sizes through a variety of fabrication process. These molds are subjected to a stringent quality check so that they do not deviate from the tolerances and specifications. We manufacture molds catering to dry cast and wet cast operations. We understand the need for aftermarket molds to keep up with your changing demands. GCI ensures quick delivery of these molds to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. GCI manufacturers these molds in Bangalore, India and exports these products to its customers in North America, Australia, Oman, Israel and Europe.


GCI manufactures high-quality pallets and headers (Joint rings) for perfect mating of concrete pipes. The joints are designed to provide permissible longitudinal or lateral movement, and strength to handle shear or vertical movement.

The joint rings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are manufactured by fabrication or casting process depending on the desire of the customer and the application in which they are being used. They can be made from Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Steel or Aluminum. Our joint designs include O-ring, double O –ring, tongue and groove, single and double offset.

We also manufacture spigot-forming rings out of fiberglass for applications in which stay-in place headers are absent. This will ensure dimensional integrity and ease of handling for workers. For curved pipelines, GCI manufacturers bevel pallets which form an exact joint.

With the state-of-the-art CNC equipment, we offer a complete diameter range from ID 12˝ – 160˝ (250 mm – 4000 mm) with round, arch, box and elliptical shapes to name a few. They are machined to close tolerances with an exceedingly high surface finish.

Product Parameters
Joint rings ranging from 12” – 160”

1. Round

2. Arch

3. Elliptical

4. Box

5. Bevel pallets for curved pipelines

1. Ductile Iron

2. Cast Iron

3. Aluminum

4. Steel

5. Fiber glass for spigot forming rings

1. Tongue and Groove

2. Single offset

3. Double offset

4. O-ring

5. Double O-ring

Joint Rings Mold manufacturer