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NPCA Article #1 - Precast Machinery Manufacturer

Explore our various precast solutions from "Precast Inc.", a quarterly publication of the National Precast Concrete Association (108th and 109th page) or enquire from our expert engineers.

CPM 2500 - Concrete Pipe Making Machine

The CPM (Concrete Pipe Machine) 2500 is a versatile, advanced design vibrated casting technology machine used for producing Reinforced and Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipes, Jacking Pipes, HDPE Lined Pipe, Pre-Bed Pipes, Box Culverts, Manhole Components (Base, Riser and Cone sections), Non-Circular diameter products (Elliptical and Arch Pipes), and Special products upon request.

Fully Automated Concrete Precast System- An Intelligent Manufacturing System For The Next Generation

Automated Precast System (APS) is changing the landscape of wet cast production by making the process more efficient, consistent, safer while employing reduced labor. Using an assembly line principle, we bring the molds to you at fixed stations, whereby certain tasks can be carried out.

Need for Automation in Manufacturing: Looking Ahead of Time

In this post, we will delve into the reasons why manufacturers need automation, types of automation, how automation deals with the underlying issues, and the future outcome of human-machine interaction.