Custom Forms


With our state of the art fabrication facility, GCI makes precision custom wet cast forms of any size and shape in accordance with close specifications. Form sets made out of heavy steel plates will ensure durable and dependable service in spite of rough conditions in precast plants. The core has a collapsible mechanism to hydraulically assist in the demolding process. We can build form equipment with various other features to make the process of precast production easier on you. In addition, GCI will provide a complete range of joint rings made according to your specifications. The result is lean, precision forming equipment to produce accurate precast products to satisfy the end user and ensures reproducibility. Our forms can produce a wide variety of precast products that includes and not limited to:
• Elliptical pipe
• Arch pipe
• Box Culverts
• Three sided culverts (flat and arched)
• Manhole products
• Curb tops and inlets
• Rail Culverts
• Catch basins
• Jacking pipe
• Median barriers
• Septic tanks

1. Products ranging in size up to 144” and box sections up to 12’ X 12’

1. Dry Cast

2. Wet cast (SCC and Polymer Concrete)

1. Custom designed to your specifications

2. Lean forms to increase productivity by reducing set up and stripping time

3. A certain degree of automation can be introduced for safe operation

4. Repeatability

5. OSHA approved service platforms if needed.