GCI embarked on its journey by pursuing foundry products, both raw castings and fully machined castings from India. GCI executed several contracts for products made from alloy steel, stainless steel, ductile and grey iron materials.


Since GCI had no control over the production, quality, and delivery of these castings to American consumers, a decision paved the way for “Construction Castings”. All products used by municipalities within Kansas City Metro were identified, drawings were made, and approvals obtained from the respective Cities.


The construction castings were being marketed under the name of Giri Consultants and the product was associated with a trade name, “GCI”. In 1987, To bring the name of the company synonymous with the products sold, “GCI Castings Inc.” was incorporated in the State of Kansas. The business was run out of the residence to reduce overhead costs. There were no employees.


On 29th January, GCI EXPORTS PVT LTD was registered in the State of Karnataka, India. A 300 square feet office was rented and GCI added its first employee. Orders were flowing in and all jobs were outsourced including packing and shipping. Cretex Companies, one of the largest producers of concrete pipes in the Midwest, placed their first order with GCI.


On October 24, GCI Exports purchased a 5000 Square feet manufacturing building and 2 CNC machines.The sales of construction castings and pallets and headers were divided. In May, GCI PIPE PRODUCTS, INC was incorporated in the State of Kansas, USA. This Company was responsible for all sales of Pallets and Headers.


Inquiries from domestic companies within the USA started growing. Almost 100% of The Cretex Companies’ business was given to GCI. The customer base swelled from 1 to over 30 during this phase. Due to the increase in its customer base and lack of sufficient resources to keep up with the demand, GCI invested in new CNC Equipment, staff, and a pattern shop. GCI now acquired 2-1/2 acres of industrial land in South Bangalore, and began construction of a new facility.


January 1st, GCI EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED moved into their new facility with a 15000 square feet manufacturing building and a 5000 square feet office building in South Bangalore. Six CNC machines, including two 3-axis horizontal machining centers, were purchased to keep up with the increasing demand.


In the last phase of the backward integration, GCI Group of Companies made the decision to start its own captive foundry. Four and a half acres of property was purchased in proximity with GCI Exports. This decision gave birth to GCI CASTINGS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED.


The foundry was modernized by importing a complete no-bake system from IMF, Italy. It included a sand reclamation plant, a continuous mixer, and a compaction table. Furan was the choice for the binder. Production increased from 75 MT to 159 MT per month. The foundry was made an independent profit center which enabled it to develop products for other industrial users.


GCI received requests for information on manufacture of concrete pipes using the dry cast method. GCI decided to enter the Pipe Machinery Market. It entered a loosely held relationship with Schlosser-Pfeiffer (A division of The Hess Corporation) in Germany and began quoting Pipe machinery for the Indian domestic market. The relationship with


While the world faced a financial crisis, GCI/Schlosser-Pfeiffer received its first order for a Dry Cast Pipe Plant in India. GCI had several hurdles to overcome. It had to combine the dual task of learning and manufacturing at the same time. GCI was awarded the ‘BEST DISPLAY AWARD’ at the COMEX trade show.


Installation was completed, the first concrete pipe was made successfully. No problems were encountered, and the product stripped without any problems. GCI/Schlosser-Pfeiffer had their first satisfied customer in India. Truly a milestone for GCI.


GCI manufactured, installed, and commissioned a Modular box culvert manufacturing equipment in Oman. GCI entered a new product line.


The Turner Company located in Rhome, Texas placed an order for a Modular Box Culver Production equipment with GCI. This marked GCI’s presence in the USA Market for manufacturing, installation, and servicing of Pipe/Box equipment.


GCI designed and manufactured molds serving Polymer-Concrete Manhole manufacturers, Armorock located in Las Vegas and Dallas, USA. Armorock remains a loyal customer and has bought several molds and joint rings from GCI.