Industrial Casting


Established in 2004, GCI Castings was founded to serve the captive needs of GCI Exports which deals with the sale of Joint Rings used in the Concrete Pipe Industry in USA, Canada, and Europe.
GCI Castings has broadened its customer base by supplying high precision Iron castings to domestic customers and exporting machined castings to Australia, UK and France.
GCI castings received an ISO 9001:2015 Certification on December 2019.
GCI Castings along with various CNC machines, has the capability of producing high quality, dimensionally accurate castings with narrow tolerance ranges.

1. No-Bake FURAN resin sand System

2. Facility to produce heavy and small castings by Hand Molding & conveyor Molding System.

1. S.G. Iron of all grades weighing from 100 kg. – 1500 kg. single piece

2. Cast Iron all grades weighing from 100 kg. – 2000 kg. single pie

3. Production rate: 300 Metric Ton/ Month

Enigineering Dept 1. SOLIDWORKS – 3D modeling software

2. A detailed process document is prepared for all components.

1. Spectro-analysis for controlling metal specifications 19 Channel (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)

2.Digital Metallurgical Microscope for checking Micro-structure with image analyzer.

3. Complete sand testing facilities.

1. Medium frequency 550 kw Single Track Induction Furnace with a metal holding capacity of 1 MT each

1. Resin bonded FURAN sand system (NO BAKE) 2. Continuous Mixer 20 MT/hr with Sand reclamation system 3. Conveyor line for castings from 80Kg – 150 Kg 4. Compacting table for Conveyor line 5. Shakeout system 3mtr. x 3mtr. 6. Dust Collector with Purging system & Compr

1. Crane with 10MT capacity hoist – 2Nos (Molding & Closing)

2. Crane with 5MT capacity hoist – 2Nos (Knock out)

3. Crane with 2MT capacity hoist – 4Nos (Pattern Shop & Fettling)

4. Crane with 1MT capacity hoist – 2Nos (Conveyor Line)

5. Machining facility for Castings for Turning, Milling, Boring (CNC)

6. Captive genset backup with 250KVA capacity

7. Pattern shop for simple thermocol pattern manufacturing & repair shop for wooden and aluminum patterns.

8. Inventory facilities for Pattern Storage

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