Manhole Molds


GCI’s manhole forms are designed for ease of production by reducing time to pour and strip the product. These economical form sets are manufactured to achieve flexibility and ensures reproducibility. The specifications and dimensions of the forms can be custom made to suite your production needs.
The jacket is made in two halves and mounted on a sturdy base by means of a guide system. The operation of jacket can be automated by introducing hydraulics. The core is collapsible to ensure smooth and easy removal of the product from the form. These forms can range in size from 48” to 120”. Our design team takes the ergonomic aspect into consideration to make the use of these molds as safe as possible.
Precise and high surface finish joint rings come with the forms made according to your requirements. All joints are made according to the NPCA guidelines namely, tongue and groove, confined groove and single offset.

1. Products ranging in sizes from 48” to 120”

2. Variable heights can be achieved in a single mold

1. Base sections

2. Riser sections

3. Eccentric cone sections

4. Concentric cone sections

5. Transition sections

6. Adjustable/Grade rings

1. Dry Cast

2. Wet cast (SCC and Polymer Concrete)

1. Collapsible core for easy stripping

2. Products of different lengths can be made in the same mold due to a modular design

3. Mounting brackets for external vibrators in Dry Cast operations

4. Joint rings follow any of the below mentioned designs:
    Tongue and Groove (ASTM C990)
    Confined Groove (ASTM C443)
    Single Offset (ASTM C-443)

1. Adjustable central vibrator (frequency and centrifugal force).

2. Contour controls and secondary conveyor for producing a wide variety of odd shape products.

3. Additional equipment for the production of lined concrete pipe.

4. Hydraulic strip assists, cylinders and solenoid valves for demolding aids to reduce crane load.

5. Hydraulic operated cage centering units at the mold.

6. Form turnover system for manhole base production.

7. Provision for cast in lifting anchors/holes.

8. Accessories for use place of stay header on the place in the spigot former

9. Automatic controls for operation.

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