Modular Box Culvert


GCI’s Modular Box culvert can produce a wide range of sizes using rigid and robust steel panels for production of dimensionally accurate box products. This versatile product consists of four corner pieces of the core, jacket, pallet, and header to form the smallest desired size. The size can be adjusted by attaching extension panels in between the corner pieces to independently increase the rise and span. In addition, the wall thickness of the box can be altered through the pallet design. In case of a dry cast process, external vibrators are used for uniform concrete compaction throughout the box and a vertical press head system to eliminate the use of dead weights. Our wet cast box design utilizes a collapsible core mechanism to facilitate easy stripping of the product from the form and enhances repeatability.

1. Expandable in size from 4’ x 2’ to 8’ x 8’

2. Expandable in size from 6’ x 3’ to 12’ x 12’

3. Expandable in wall thickness from 4” to 12”

4. Each wall can be varied independently

5. No limit on span rise dimensions

6. Joint Details:
    Tongue and Groove (Water-tight)
    Rubber Gasket (Single offset)

7. OSHA approved service platforms

1. Box Culverts
    Short span bridges
    Storm Drains

2. Three Sided Culverts

1. Dry Cast
2. Wet Cast

1. Hydraulic press head system.

2. Mechanised variable speed of concrete feeding system.

3. Central operator control console.

4. Central vibrator with a hydraulic clamping system.

1. Hydraulic press heads

2. Pneumatic/ hydraulic latches

3. Hydraulic strip-assist for larger boxes

4. Variable frequency drive for efficient operation of vibrators

5. Egg lay system

6. Spring design to achieve “noiseless” operation

Key Benefits

This feature enables you to reduce labor and ramp up production speeds by an automatic filling process. A PLC automatic control is used to alter the volumetric feed rate based on the box’s desired dimensions.

After performing analyses, the vibrator force has been reduced by 75% and they are set to run at 60Hz. A variable frequency drive is used to allow the vibrators to work between 70% to 100% of their rated capacity based on the wall thickness of the box to poured. This ensures uniform compaction and reduced wear to the form equipment.

All the vibrators are connected to a common cable which can be inserted into any socket. Other makes of box culverts require every vibrator to be connected individually to a socket thereby increasing the non-value-added time.

Process and product variability are one of the biggest problems faced by concrete product manufacturers. This machine removes this variability through automation, precision mold quality and a vertical press head system.

Automation is the key to reduce your labor costs and achieve repeatability in your production cycles so that each product is as accurate as the next. The operator’s console controls the press head, vibration and concrete delivery system to adjust for different feed rates

Modular box culvert Making Machine USA, Canada