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Our Mission

To design, manufacture, assemble, test and install innovative products used in the concrete pipe and precast industry which form the building blocks for a sustainable future.


GCI is more than just a group of companies that supplies high precision castings and production technology serving the Concrete Pipe and Precast Industry and numerous markets. Along with state of the art equipment, GCI has nurtured a highly adaptive thinking culture which enables us to think “out of the box” to satisfy our customer’s needs. We thrive on customer feedback which acts as a driving force to continually improve our designs and processes by implementing “Lean Engineering” to deliver high quality products.

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Our Objectives

Quality is our Top priority

As an ISO Certified company along with UL Certifications, GCI aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of a quality management system.

Custom Design Solutions

We deliver customized design solutions to solve your problems by investing in our R&D teams and providing them with the latest tools to prove out these solutions and securing IP through universal patents.

Customer Oriented

GCI aims to provide a broad product offering, deliver reliable products and services at competitive prices, partner with customers to provide solutions and thereby, increase our market share.