CPM 2500


GCI CPM (Concrete Pipe Machine) 2500 machines are the perfect solution for applications that demand versatility, productivity, and manufacturing flexibility. The machine comprises of a comprehensive range of production stations and a single core vibration system. Several product shapes, sizes and varieties can be produced on a single machine.

The Double station Concrete Pipe Machine can produce two different pipe sizes or products at the same time. The mold changeover times is short and will enhance your productivity and manufacturing flexibility. The CPM Machine uses vibration manufacturing process to produce concrete pipe in sizes 12” (300mm) to 96” (2500 mm) and 800 mm x 800mm to 1700 x 1700 box sections. The machine also produces jacking pipe, HDPE lined pipe and non-Circular shapes like elliptical and arch pipes along with U-drains.

1. Pipe sizes ranging from 12” to 96”

2. Box sections ranging from 800 mm x 800mm to 1700mm x 1700mm

3. Up to 8 feet lay lengths

4. Capacity: 11.7 tonnes/cycle

1. Reinforced and Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipes

2. Jacking Pipes

3. HDPE Lined Pipe

4. Pre-Bed Pipes

5 Pre-Bed Pipes

6 Box Culverts

7 Manhole Components (Base, Riser and Cone sections)

8 Non-Circular diameter products (Elliptical and Arch Pipes)

9 Special products upon request

1. Dry Cast

1. Hydraulic press head system.

2. Mechanised variable speed of concrete feeding system.

3. Central operator control console.

4. Central vibrator with a hydraulic clamping system.

1. Adjustable central vibrator (frequency and centrifugal force).

2. Contour controls and secondary conveyor for producing a wide variety of odd shape products.

3. Additional equipment for the production of lined concrete pipe.

4. Hydraulic strip assists, cylinders and solenoid valves for demolding aids to reduce crane load.

5. Hydraulic operated cage centering units at the mold.

6. Form turnover system for manhole base production.

7. Provision for cast in lifting anchors/holes.

8. Accessories for use place of stay header on the place in the spigot former.

9. Automatic controls for operation.

Key Benefits

Depending on the volume of product required and product mix to be produced, the CPM Machine has a double station feature. A traditional pipe machine operates through three steps. First, the mold is filled, second the mold is pressed with a spigot former and finally the product is removed from the mold. This will enable you to increase your efficiency by pouring more than one type of product.

Process and product variability are one of the biggest problems faced by concrete pipe manufacturers. The CPM Machine removes this variability through automation, precision mold quality and a vertical press head system. The jacket is rubber-buffer isolated with the pallet to ensure proper isolation of vibration within the product.

An electrically driven, tested design of the central core vibrator is used to produce high quality pipe and reduce mold changeovers. The vibrations are produced by two 45 KW eccentrically driven motors that ensures uniform vibration though out the length of the core. Through this design we guarantee maximum compaction power, reduced cement consumption and maximum concrete density.

Increase your cash flow by reducing your finished product inventory. Flexibility is achieved by connecting the central vibrator to the core via a hydraulic clamping device which ensures rapid mold change.

A certain degree of automation is vital to reduce your labor costs and achieve repeatability in your production cycles so that each product is as accurate as the next. The operator’s console controls the press head, vibration and concrete delivery system to adjust for different feed rates.