Pipe Molds


Regardless of the method of production, GCI is specialized in developing and manufacturing pipe formwork. For wet cast molds, we have developed a collapsible core mechanism to assist in product removal from the forms. Dry cast molds come with a carefully estimated number of external and/or internal vibrators. We suggest the optimal number of vibrators needed to establish a balance between uniform compaction of concrete and service life of the formwork. Our molds are compatible with most Pipe Machines from global manufacturers. If there is a need to replace, improve or expand your pipe production, GCI’s pipe molds will do the trick.

1. Pipe diameters ranging from 12” to 144”

2. Up to 8’ lay lengths

1. Round Pipe

2. Elliptical Pipe

3. Arch Pipe

1. Dry Cast

2. Wet Cast

1. Cage centering mechanism for Packerhead and/or Press Head machines

2. Hydraulic/Pneumatic clamping of the jacket with the base joint ring

3. Collapsible core mechanism for easy stripping of wet cast pipes

Pipe mold Canada