Jacking Pipe Molds


GCI designs and manufacturers jacking pipe molds of any size as per your requirement. The jacket is designed in two halves to facilitate ease of transportation to the pipe production site. A collapsible core mechanism enables smooth removal of the product from the mold in case of a wet cast process. External jackets vibrators are mounted on pads at strategic locations to ensure uniform concrete compaction. Due to the modular design of our mold, pipes of different lengths used in the pipe jacking process (standard, leading and trailing pipe) can be formed using a single mold leading to cost and space savings. In addition, GCI also can provide material handling solutions like cross lifting beams to ensure safe handling of the pipe and molds.

1. Pipe diameters ranging from 48” to 144”

2. Variable heights can be achieved in a single mold up to 12’

1. Standard Pipe

2. Leading Pipe

3. Trailing Pipe

1. Wet Cast

2. Dry Cast

1. Collapsible core for easy stripping in a wet cast process

2. External jacket vibrating mounting pads for a dry cast process

3. Jacket is made in two (or more) halves for ease of transport

4. Pipes of different lengths can be made in the same mold due to a modular design

5. OSHA approved service platforms.

Material handling solutions can be provided or designed to your needs for efficient and safe handling of product like cross lifting beams

Jacking Pipe mold USA