Automated Concrete Precast System


APS is a one-stop solution enabling our customers to optimize their production of wet cast products be it manhole bases, risers, eccentric and concentric cones or catch basins etc. This modular system has been designed, to maximize production with its ergonomic design and reduced dependence on overhead material handling equipment and labor. The degree of automation and additional features can be provided on customer request.

This system can be customised as per your requirement, thereby, enabling the use of existing molds. GCI’s molds come with special features to decrease lead times associated with production. The maximum size of round and square products that can be cast on this system is 72’ x 6’ and 6’ x 3’ respectively. APS is rated for a maximum load capacity of 15 tonnes. However, the system can be redesigned to accommodate and produce heavier wet cast products.

1. Max Product Size = 72” X 6’ Extended Base

2. Max Box Product Size = 6’ X 3’

3. Maximum load Capacity = 15T

4. Bolster plate dimensions = 118” x 98”

5. Transfer cart speed = 9”/s

Auto manipulator:
• Mold inventory area = 10T
• De-Molding station = 20T

1. Manhole bases

2. Manhole risers

3. Eccentric and concentric manhole cones

4. Grade rings

5. Cover slabs

6. Catch basins

7. Pre-cast barriers

8. Wet cast box culverts

9. Round and non-round pipe

10. Any wet cast form or product which meets the technical limitations of plant supporting equipment.

1. Wet Cast

1. Sliding jackets, collapsible cores and quick lock mechanism mold features for ease in de-molding

2. Bolster plates for smooth conveyance of the molds through workstations

3. Automated manipulators for handling of molds within the facility.

4. Automated guided vehicle (AGV)/ Transfer cart to reduce overhead crane dependency and repeated crane operations.

5. Customized de-molding equipment for product handling

6. Central operating control panel driven by PLC logic.

7. Press head for casting the required joint detail

8. Integrated safety features for ergonomic production

9. Customizable number and functions per station

1. Automated painting line for branding purposes on the outfeed line

2. Wax spraying station on outfeed line

3. Vibration or oscillation table to improve filling of molds

4. Hydraulic strip assists, cylinders and solenoid valves for demolding aids to reduce crane load.

5. Hydraulic operated cage centering units at the mold.

6. Form tuProduction software to track and reveal bottlenecks in production.

Key Benefits

Traditional wet cast operations are inherently inefficient. The APS helps our customers to transition from “cast on the floor” to Assembly line production which assists in reducing process variability, consistent wet cast products and revealing bottlenecks in production. This enables cost reduction and a decrease in process time.

Compared to conventional wet cast operations where the molds remain stationary on the floor, APS subjects the molds to a closed loop system where several extraneous motions are eliminated. Through workstations, predefined tasks are conducted on the mold, thereby reducing unnecessary tasks and reducing labor needs.

APS provides the tools to properly optimize and manage the complete process by exposing bottlenecks and measuring productivity such as day to day, product to product and employee to employee. Become a “Lean Manufacturer” by driving down costs and lead times by eliminating “wastes” in your system.

Plant conditions are improved by the use of ergonomic workstations, reduction in overhead transport, reduced space requirements, reduced building requirements and its related costs. APS affords our customers the chance to provide a workspace friendly environment to both its management and employees.